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  1. My dumbass read the title and wondered what kind of reaction is going to happen with boric acid and craft beer.

  2. remember that mythbusters used a lighter on a stick contraption that was extremely effective for these kinds of tests

  3. I was going to make a snarky comment, then I saw it was OP’s hand, so I’ll do it anyway. What the fuck were you thinking?

  4. Due to the UnPrEcIdEnTeD amount of public outcry from the r/chemicalreactiongifs community regarding my lighting technique, I’m currently on my way to the store to purchase a proper lighter.

  5. I didn’t know India Pale Ale was so flammable! It must have more alcohol in it than I thought.

  6. This person does not use lighters on the regular lmao. I can feel my finger prints being seared off.

  7. More creative. But the person showed laziness to follow safety measures while applying his knowledge.

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