What a big new U.S. law that reshapes science agencies could mean for researchers | Science

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How to calculate it and what it really means for your health

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New smartphone clip-on can detect Zika virus in blood samples — LiveScience.Tech

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How to take cool car photos

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Walk the visible spectrum of light

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Boric acid + IPA

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Researchers successfully execute experiment to support U.S. stockpile modernization efforts

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‘New era in digital biology’: AI reveals structures of nearly all known proteins | Science

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Orbit of J002E3 ‘Asteroid’, that turned out to be an Apollo 3rd stage

Orbit of J002E3 ‘Asteroid’, that turned out to be an Apollo 3rd stage Read more »

‘Never seen anything like it’: Impeccably preserved Jurassic fish fossils found on UK farm

A farm in England was the not likely source of a Jurassic prize: a bonanza of 183 million-year-old fossils. On the borders of Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds, underneath soil... Read more »