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  1. for an animal that has to deal with jaguars and crocodiles and anacondas, capybaras are absurdly chill. you usually only get that attitude from animals with no natural predators

  2. What is the difference between mutualism and symbiotic? I’d never heard the former term before, only ever the latter.

  3. This reminds me of the joke in looney tunes where bugs bunny gets into a steaming hot bath and he’s just like “OH!…. Oh!… oh!…. aaaaahhhhhh..”

  4. OMG. I have a theory. Dogs and cats lying on their backs for scratches…. its a survival trait for removal of parasites. ……

  5. I believe this is called a symbiotic relationship. In other words, a relationship which benefits both parties (species)

    In other words, the exact opposite of every single one of my relationships.

  6. Dude was probably waiting for a long time to get to sleep on that side again, he just melted when that tick got pulled haha

  7. If this topic interests you the book Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin has tons of examples of ways that animals assist each other in nature.

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