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  1. Fun porcupine fact: new world and old world porcupines evolved separately. They both have quills but new world ones are like this critter, with quills throughout like a pincushion and can climb trees where old world porcupines have quills clustered on their butt.

  2. I’m impressed by the fact that someone just fucking stabbed themselves with one of those for educational purposes.

  3. Question. How can the porcupine know that the pressure from say laying down is not the same sort of pressure as something touching it? The demonstration appeared to be a pretty light touch and it still activated the quills.

    Just wondering how they could get into a tight space like a hole without activating everything.

  4. Once a predator gets quilled in the wild, it’s basically screwed for life, right?

    Because they have no way to remove the quills

  5. Ever since I saw that video where that adorable porcupine is making noises and eating, that’s all I can think of when I see one.

  6. Once pulled about 50 quills out of my dog. He had them all over his face, including around one eye and in his mouth.
    The second time was only a dozen or so.
    The third time was 4.

    He was a good boi…

  7. When I was a kid, I thought porcupines shot the quills out of their body like a gun going off lol

  8. My dog got into it with a porcupine this past summer. I wasn’t there for the exchange, but it looks like she went after it at least twice. I’m not going to say the porcupine won the fight, but my dog definitely lost.

    Several hundred dollars, 100+ quills removed, and several months of recovery later: she’s eager to get after another porcupine on sight.

    I love her, but she’s not a smart dog.

  9. The vet in my area has a framed picture of a porcupine in his space because they bring him a lot of money!

  10. My dog Cap (I had to put him down last week, pretty much sucks hard) had to go to the local vet 5 times for no less than 1,000 quills. Each time! And they def charge you for the hours of time it takes to get them out. Never, ever try to take the quills out while they are in pain. It’s incredible pain and they will bite you (dogs I mean) no matter who they are. The quills are very nasty and need to be removed because they will burrow into flesh and can eventually make it to the brain or other areas of concern. The neurological damage alone is intensely bad for them… Also we lived in a very remote area and they were all over, so when he went out to pee, he would run off into the dark to become a pincushion within minutes. Just my tidbit on these furry little needle-makers.

  11. Every dog in a 75 mile radius of me has probably been quilled by a porcupine at some point in their life. Southeast Alaska vets charge like $25 per quill. Most of the time the owners end up pulling them out with pliers. Poor pups but they gotta touch the stove to know it’s hot.

    Either they learn the first time or never learn ever.

  12. Worst is because dogs offer resistance force when investigating porcupines the tips of the quills often curve like hooks. Then you’re spending $800 at the vet to drug up your dog and have them removed one by one.

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