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  1. He’s probably fine but I’m thinking about the poor family two doors down who just got a surprise whiff of pain.

  2. That’s toxic as fuck. Isn’t this illegal, there’s residential area tightly packed everywhere around?

  3. So we’re allowing videos of people poisoning neighborhoods for fun now? I think this should be removed. While it doesn’t seem to break the subreddit rules (it should by the way!?), doing unsafe/dangerous demonstrations is probably covered by Reddit Rule 7.

    Leaving it up is akin to encouraging this kind of carelessness for others.


  4. So how does the aluminium lose an i in this reaction? Besides losing three “e”s of course.

    Also this is crazy stupid without vapor extraction and in a residential area.

  5. Okay, I’ve got my degree and I still don’t get it, (I preferred organic to inorganic because I’m weird and masochistic) why tf does aluminum like to set itself on fire when it touches shit so often?

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