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  1. Let me guess, fumed silica? Or some equivalent oxide with a high surface area?

    When you pull a vacuum on those, adsorbed gases (mostly moisture) get desorbed, and the whole degassing makes the powder act as a [fluidized bed](


    Some even behave like that without any vacuum, just from the air that gets trapped between the grains when you whirl it around the right way.

  2. Change the what? The water in the buchi? Don’t see why, we’ve just been topping it up from the pond outside for the last 20 years and it’s worked so far.

  3. Did my senior project on coating ibuprofen with silica powder. Makes a world of difference on flow properties and static charge build up. Looked even more fluid than this even at atmospheric pressures.

  4. See this is why I’ve said we need a sub specifically devoted to gifs/videos of solids behaving as a fluid…

  5. I’d use a bunch of fancy words too if I wanted to show off my giant meth pipe in the interwebs.

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