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  1. I feel like this is the only chemical reaction on this entire sub, different versions of this.

  2. I love this, and as someone who wants to go into chemistry, may I ask what your job is?

  3. Just learned about Titrations today for the first time, can’t do the planned labs due to COVID so kinda cool to see one so coincidentally!

  4. I loved using a magnetic stirrer for my high-school experiment! Justified it as saying I needed constant rate of stirring so as to not affect results. Used a data logger with it to record temperatures (thermometric) and just chilled

  5. It’s relieving to see your lab equipment is aged like mine. We don’t get that sweet startup money for the fancy clean gear.

  6. Oh, you poor soul doing manual titrations! I feel so thankful to have an autotitrator. Sometimes we get 20+ samples that have to be analyzed the same day, and I can’t imagine having to do them all by hand like they used to! We just got a new autotitrator with an autosampler and I can’t wait for it to get set up!

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