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  1. Any knowledgeable chemistry people that can explain this to me?

    I don’t claim to know anything but it always seems weird to me to see aluminum reacting with liquids. I collect rocks and wash the carbonate stuff off my silicate mineral finds with HCl/muriatic acid.

    Recently I tried to acid wash a piece of bauxite and ruined it. It bubbled like alka seltzer. I feel stupid and should have done more research while working with a strong acid but in my ignorance I had assumed Al was more inert than it is. Bauxite has a lot of silica so I thought it would just clean off the limescale/calcium carbonate stuff on the surface.

  2. If that reaction wasn’t so volatile and short-lived, it would look amazing as a Halloween decoration.

  3. “S’up, bromine!”
    “S’up, dude-luminum!”
    “Hi five!”


  4. This make the fear of watching Extractions & Ire all the more real… He probably should stop wrapping his bromine filled beakers with foil to heat up more, lol

  5. Lets say, hypothetically, I hooked the beaker up to a water hose, and I, hypothetically, took a huge drag on the vapors. How long would I live?

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