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  1. So why do we have to donate this stuff from our body? Why can’t we just harvest it from the microwave and send it to the hospitals

  2. Works with stuff like grapes or orbees, too. Pretty much anything that holds water and can be connected by a thin film. With grapes, cut one in half and then again, leaving a little skin connecting the quarters. Put a jar or glass above it like in this video, elevated with some toothpicks or something else that isn’t wet or likely to quickly combust (like don’t use matches).

    With orbees, just soak a pair in water and have them touching once they expand. Same deal with the glass or jar.

    It also works with CDs and DVDs (one at a time, no jar) but I don’t recommend that with a microwave you plan on using for food anytime soon because it makes nasty vapors.

  3. why doesn’t covering the flame up with a jar extinguish it (no air)? Do they just start up the microwave quick enough that it “changes” to plasma before it can go out?

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