5 things every new-to-Android user should know

So you’ve chosen to relocate to the Android side of the street. Amazing—welcome to the land of personalization and possibilities. 

Now, if you’ve been residing in Appleland for a while, you might be a little not sure how to carry out even one of the most standard jobs on your brand-new gadget. That’s OK. We’ve all existed. 

But prior to we begin—a caution. As you might currently know, Android is an open-source os. This implies that although Google, its developer, developed what is frequently referred to as stock Android (discovered on Pixel phones), producers can construct on the OS as they please. This leads to Android variations that can vary from one another depending upon who made your phone. 

If you discover a few of the guidelines here don’t use to your gadget or that the courses are various, this is most likely the reason.  

How to take a screenshot on Android (and how to evaluate record) 

This is a simple one: simply push the lock button and the volume down button in tandem. When the screenshot is prepared, you’ll see a little sneak peek in the bottom left corner of your screen, together with some alternatives. 

To the left, you’ll see a Share button that will send out the image straight to other apps on your phone, and to the right, you’ll see an modify button (it appears like a pencil) that will let you crop and doodle on your screencap as you choose. You’ll likewise see the choice to Capture more, which will permit you to take a longer screenshot—sort of like the CVS invoice of screenshots.  

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Your gadget will instantly conserve your fresh screengrab, which you can discover by opening Google Photos, tapping Library (bottom best corner), and going to the Screenshots folder. 

Screen recording is in fact brand-new to Android—that is, its stock variation. It made its launching on Android 12 last October, however Samsung and Xiaomi users, for instance, have actually had the ability to tape their screens for several years now.  

Whatever the make from your gadget, you’re more than likely to discover the Screen Record function in the Quick Settings menu—open it by swiping 3 fingers below the top of your screen. If you can’t see the Screen Record button at a very first look, swipe the menu to the delegated see a 2nd page of tools, or tap the pencil icon to include the matching button. 

To start, open Screen Record and select whether you wish to consist of audio (and the source of that audio), along with if you desire your video to reveal anywhere you touched the screen. When you’re done tweaking your settings, tap Start. You’ll see a countdown at the top of your screen, and the recording will begin when it gets to one. To stop, open the alerts menu (swipe below the top of the screen), and tap Stop on the Screen Recorder entry. You’ll have the ability to discover your video in Google Photos. 

How to obstruct a number on Android

Blocking an undesirable number on Android is basic and relatively comparable to doing it on an iPhone. 

If you have Google’s Phone app, open it and scroll through the list of current numbers to discover the one you wish to obstruct. Once you have it, tap on it, then choose History from the emerging menu. In the leading right corner of the screen, tap the three-dot menu and select block

This course might be somewhat various if you’re utilizing your phone producer’s app. But if you wish to change it with Google’s own platform, you can download the Phone app from the Play Store at any time. 

How to erase apps on Android

Just like you would on iOS, discover the icon of the app you wish to erase—it might be on among your house screens or in the app drawer. 

When you discover it, long press on it till your phone vibrates, and—without raising your finger—move the app in any instructions. You can drag and drop the icon to rearrange it, however if you wish to eliminate it, you’ll require among the 2 buttons that emerge at the top of the screen when you begin to reorganize things. To the left, you’ll see Remove, which will erase the icon from the house screen, although you’ll still have the ability to access the app through the app drawer. To entirely erase the app, tap the button to the right: Uninstall

Don’t concern if you do this by mishap—prior to your ‘droid phone obliterates the app, it’ll ask you if you’re sure you wish to erase it. Tap Yes to state your correct farewells.   

If you purchased a Pixel, you can get the choice by utilizing a launcher, or merely leave the apps you don’t desire anybody to see in the drawer. To do this, repeat the procedure explained for erasing apps, however tap Remove rather of uninstalling the program.

Keep in mind that this will just erase the icon on your phone’s house screen, and you’ll still have the ability to quickly discover the app once again by searching the drawer or utilizing the search bar. 

This opened the platform a bit more, however the capability to make calls and even download the app is still restricted to Apple users just. This is aggravating, and it’s not the only time the business’s desire to keep things in the household will lead to a headache for you (we’re taking a look at you, iMessage). But if you wish to interact with your iPhone-wielding buddies, there are other platforms you can utilize.  

Google’s action to FaceTime is Duo—an app that is simple to utilize, develops strong, steady connections, and does most things Apple’s video chat tool does, other than it doesn’t omit other running systems. If you wish to utilize something you currently know, you can constantly choose classics such as Zoom or Skype, and even utilize messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.  

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