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  1. That’s from TheKingOfRandom’s youtube channel. His liquid oxygen video is filled with examples of things you should ***never, ever do***. But he was just completely oblivious to how much risk he put himself at.

    Like, he poured liquid oxygen (really good oxidizer) straight from a styrofoam cup (good fuel) onto a burning potato chip (ignition source!), and then touching that flaring potato chip in oxygen with his fingers, wearing flammable nitrile gloves. With the oxygen cloud that cup could have made if its contents were spilled, even his cotton clothes and lab coat would have burnt like a flare.

    Better yet, taking a steel oxygen cylinder (under high pressure) and dipping the bottom straight into liquid nitrogen, taking it way outside the range of temperatures the steel was meant for, and giving it a massive thermal shock and gradient.

    How he did not end up in a burn ward, or with steel shrapnel in his body is pure, blind luck.

  2. I miss this King of Random. The new stuff is shit.

    Edit: They’re not shit, I’m just a whiny baby that dislikes change.

  3. This is like being at the high school football game in November and you go to the concession stands and get a hot chocolate and you walk back to your seat holding it with two hands because you don’t want to spill the precious lava.

  4. I find it interesting that it looks like the styrofoam cup starts letting gas escape through it’s sides above (what looks like) the hottest part at the bottom. I would have thought you would have seen more escaping gasses at the bottom of the cup before it disintegrated.

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