Exxon locked workers out of their jobs. Can workers lock Exxon out of a carbon capture deal?

In Beaumont, Texas, operating at one of Exxon Mobil’s plants has actually long been a method to make stable earnings and assistance a household in this commercial corner of... Read more »

The risks of low-speed impacts with liquids

The effect of strong things on liquid surface areas can produce destructive shock waves, even at really low speeds. Credit: KAUST; Anastasia Serin. When a strong things strikes a... Read more »

Brazil’s science budget is rebounding. So why aren’t scientists celebrating? | Science

Scientists in Brazil began 2022 with a piece of excellent news. This year’s federal research study budget is more than double in 2015’s—a significant turn-around after 7 years of... Read more »

Do we live in a simulation? Here’s why we may never know.

Is whatever we understand and experience, as much as and consisting of reality itself, a simulation developed by some hidden and unknowable entity? This concept, called the simulation hypothesis,... Read more »

Amazon accused of anti-union tactics in New York

United States labor regulators implicate Amazon of threatening employees to ward off efforts to form a union at a storage facility in Staten Island, NY. United States labor authorities... Read more »

Conservation of Momentum

Conservation of Momentum Read more »

Hand Sanitizer Flammable(pre-pandemic era)

Hand Sanitizer Flammable(pre-pandemic period) Read more »

100 days of sunspots in one GIF (01/01/2014-10/04/2014).

100 days of sunspots in one GIF (01/01/2014-10/04/2014). Read more »

Illegal gold mines flood Amazon forests with toxic mercury | Science

At initially look, the Amazon jungle of Peru’s Los Amigos Conservation Concession may appear like a beautiful wilderness. Brightly colored birds sweep through the jungle. A thick canopy of... Read more »

‘Bomb cyclone’ set to bring blizzards and hurricane-force winds to the Northeast on Friday: Here’s why.

In January 2018, a bomb cyclone discarded snow throughout the Northeast. Here, a male strolls through the streets of Boston as snow falls from the enormous winter season storm... Read more »