Black kidney patients might face medical discrimination

Jill Neimark is an author based in Atlanta, Georgia, whose work has actually been included in Discover, Scientific American, Science, Nautilus, Aeon, NPR, Quartz, Psychology Today, and The New... Read more »

Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon could have a secret underground ocean

Scientists have discovered “compelling evidence” that Saturn’s “Death Star” moon is concealing an ocean simply below its surface area, advancing the look for possible life in our planetary system.... Read more »

Real-time water crystallization process I caught on video.

Real-time water crystallization process I caught on video. Read more »

Cerium is a very sparky metal

Cerium is a very sparky metal Read more »

EU nations quarrel over whether nuclear, gas are ‘green’

White steam billows from the Cattenom nuclear reactor in Cattenom, eastern France. Hours prior to the window for lodging objections closes, EU environment and energy ministers satisfying in France... Read more »

U.S. accepts plea by Arkansas scientist charged in controversial China Initiative | Science

A previous University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, engineering teacher today pleaded guilty to one count of lying to FBI about his status as a developer. In return, the U.S. federal... Read more »

Tug of sun, moon could be driving plate motions on ‘imbalanced’ Earth — LiveScience.Tech

A study led by geophysicist Anne M. Hofmeister in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis proposes that imbalanced forces and torques in the Earth-moon-sun system drive... Read more »

Visualizing Climate Change in Phoenix, Arizona

Visualizing Climate Change in Phoenix, Arizona Read more »

Abandoned oil well counts are exploding — now that there’s money on the table

It’s long been an open trick that abandoned oil and gas wells are considerably undercounted in the United States. Now that the federal government is lastly using considerable financing... Read more »

Researcher makes heat transfer discovery that expands on 18th century principle

Associate Professor Jonathan Boreyko and graduate fellow Mojtaba Edalatpour have actually made a discovery about the residential or commercial properties of water that might supply an amazing addendum to... Read more »