Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis

Taking 3 nuclear plants consisting of Gundremmingen offline will slash German power output by 4 gigawatts. Germany will close down 3 nuclear power plants on Friday even as Europe... Read more »

How a sunshield protects NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is hectic unwrapping itself, making a grand entryway to its brand-new house about 930,000 miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth. JWST will observe... Read more »

Airborne DNA from plants could reveal invasive species, impact of climate change | Science

Inventorying the plants in a system of woods or fields or looking for invasive species can take days of hot, effort slogging through tough brush and tick-infested lawn. Now,... Read more »

Gaussian gun

Gaussian gun Read more »

Fluorescein and fluorescence

Fluorescein and fluorescence Read more »

8 ominous climate milestones we reached in 2021

Wildfires. Heat waves. Life-threatening floods. The dreadful effects of burning nonrenewable fuel sources and pumping greenhouse gases into Earth‘s environment are all over around us. Study after research study... Read more »

How to escape quicksand

How to escape quicksand Read more »

Cropland has gobbled up over 1 million square kilometers of Earthโ€™s surface | Science

Farmland is surpassing much of the world. Thatโ€™s the conclusion of a brand-new satellite map, which discovers that fields of corn, wheat, rice, and other crops have actually consumed... Read more »

Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy gif’d!

Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy gif’d! Read more »

Eco-laundry hopes to clean up how we wash clothes

A start-up from Oxford is hoping to make laundry more eco-friendly by gathering clothes and cleaning them in its more environmentally friendly laundrette. OxWash utilizes cold water in its... Read more »