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  1. This is a ***viscoelastic fluid***. Fluids with large viscosities still spill, they just do so sluggishly and require vigorous shaking to do so (think honey). The fluid in the video jiggles rapidly and can recoil/retract when elongated, allowing it to pull back into the container rather than spill. That is a viscoelastic effect usually produced by large polymer chains or polymer gel networks forming within the fluid.

    Viscoelastic fluids tend to have larger viscosities than simple fluids, but larger viscosities do not imply this kind of viscoelastic behavior.

  2. This looks like the black goo that came with the original Venom Toybiz action figure–it went into his back and there was a plastic plunger you’d press on to have it “squirt” out of his chest.

  3. This reminds me of when I was working at a fast food coffee restaurant and I warned a customer to be careful because the mocha swirl was viscous. He responded “wow thats a big word.” I just deadpan stared at him for a second and then closed the window and cashed his payment. His face turned beet red and he gave me a fiver before speeding off. Good times.

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