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  1. Why do the first set off strips appear angled the opposite direction when they first come around? the rest don’t appear that way.

  2. These are called POES (Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites) as opposed to GOES (Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellites)

    There are different varieties but the main division for public accessible images is called MODIS from the Terra and Aqua POES. The imagery is outstanding and I highly recommend taking a look.

    []( – The main page

    []( – Image access daily from UW – Madison

    On the second link click terra or aqua / true or false color / then click a sector. Once you have a sector select 250 m for an amazingly detailed look at that sector.

    Sauce – Meteorologist

  3. Shows 70 passes. If that were once a day, 10 weeks to scan and another month to process to release of data? Depending on what it measures?

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