Facebook users ditch platform, find the social media giant ‘boring’, national survey shows

It may be a technology giant utilized by 2.7 billion individuals, however Australians are losing their interest in Facebook since they believe it is uninteresting, according to brand-new research study.

Data from the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (AUSSA) revealed individuals aged in between 41–56 find it simplest to ditch social media, followed by the much more youthful generation Z (aged in between 6–24).

More than half of the 5,000 survey individuals — 52 percent — stated their primary factors for restricting social media usage were since it developed “boredom” and it was “time-wasting”.

University of Wollongong Associate Professor Roger Patulny stated the findings exposed that individuals had more control over their social media practices than they may otherwise have actually believed.

“People are demonstrating agency and the ability to wind back, and that’s good,” Dr Patulny stated.

While some individuals were interested in online bullying, personal privacy or had disappointments with online personalities, Dr Patulny stated the survey discovered the majority of people detached from social media since they felt it was a bad usage of their time.

The research study suggests those with a university degree are probably to minimize social media usage.(Pexels: Tracy Le Blanc)

Social switch-off connected to education

Interestingly, the findings show that the more informed individuals are, the most likely they are to attempt to effectively minimize time on social media.

“There’s a link between education and disconnecting [from using social media platforms],” Dr Patulny stated.

“If you have a university degree, you are most likely to switch off. With a high school or trade qualification, you’re likely to have tried and not disconnected, and if you’re in high school you’re not likely to have tried to disconnect at all.

He said millennials had grown up with social media since they were teenagers and were the first generation to embrace it, which might have intensified their relationship with it.

By contrast, he said the older generation Z was “more mindful of social media and more crucial of Facebook”.

A woman looks at the Facebook website on a computer in Munich.
Roger Patulny states another Facebook news restriction would make the platform less enticing.(Supplied: Reuters)

News prohibits damaging to Facebook

When Facebook shut down news media organisations’ ability to post to their Facebook accounts recently, it was viewed as a program of force to emphasize the value of the social network to news business.

Dr Patulny stated a repeat of that relocation would backfire on the social media business.

“I believe they’ll shoot themselves in the foot,” he stated.

This comes at a critical time for Facebook, which has been on an upward trajectory since its inception.

Now, the findings from the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes show it is faced with users of all ages who are happy to cut down their usage.

“The thing to remember remains in every generation, a greater percentage of individuals have actually attempted and wound back their social media usage than those who attempted and have actually refrained from doing so,” Dr Patulny stated.

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