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  1. It triggers me that you’re doing it inside of the burette, and not in a large beaker. Since those things are goes from a good 12 CAD to fucking EXPENSIVE

  2. So…this is just baking soda and vinegar. I’m curious about your immiscible yellow layer. Is this a saponification?

  3. El chapo was known for having some of the best chemists in the world. He was said to take the scientific credit for their achievements within his inner circle. However, I have a friend that had insider knowledge so when I asked if it was true he said “‘Na C L’ chapo was a salty liar.”

  4. Is no one gonna mention the glass reactor?

    The titration end is stoppered and the other end look like it is also closed. Though it may just be the video angle. If it is closed, thats asking for disaster since the reaction produces gas…

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