Apple Watch 7 Review: Is this smartwatch worth it?

Compared to previous updates, the Apple Watch 7 is a one-trick pony. It has a bigger display screen that, when integrated with other screen-related tweaks, produces simpler watching, whether you’re straight engaging with the watch or examining it at a glimpse. There are myriad mini upgrades sprayed throughout, like a little enhanced charging, however the Series 7’s specific worth comes directly down to the screen. And yet, that apparently shallow modification has a cascading result that enhances the standard functions of the reliable Apple Watch experience. While the Apple Watch Series 7 modifications really little bit, that modification feels glamorous. The larger screen is the whipped cream and cherry on top of what is currently the very best smartwatch.

Little modifications, cinema

More than previous models, the Apple Watch Series 7 is an upgrade of an existing style, instead of a totally originality. Mike Epstein

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What’s New About the Apple Watch 7?

Did I discuss the screen is larger?

Fine. Tell me about the screen.

The Apple Watch 7 case—the physical watch body—is a little bigger. The bigger, 45mm Series 7 determines 1.8 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches (HWD) versus 1.7 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches (HWD) of the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6. That equates to a display screen that’s 1mm bigger—41mm and 45mm. Apple likewise considerably trimmed the display screen bezel, producing more space for the screen to grow. The combined effort equates to a screen that’s “nearly 20 percent” bigger than the Apple Watch Series 6 and “over 50 percent” bigger than the Apple Watch Series 3 in a gadget that’s really almost the exact same size.

Numbers aside, it is a concrete distinction to the naked eye. The Apple Watch Series 7 show nearly entirely fills the leading face of the watch. Pictures, from watch deals with to pictures from your iPhone’s cam roll, feel larger and fuller. Across Apple’s lots of first-party Watch apps, the buttons are larger and the text appears easily bigger.

Apple Watch 7
The Apple Watch Series 6 (left) and Series 7 (right) screens side by side. Mike Epstein

The bigger UI made it possible for by the bigger screen enhances the Apple Watch experience in subtle, however considerable methods. With more display screen realty, you have the space to utilize bigger typefaces, that makes text simpler to check out without bringing the watch near your face. Playing to this, the 45mm Series 7 design includes 3 brand-new, bigger text typefaces. (The 41mm Series 7 and 44mm variations of older watchOS 8-compatible designs likewise get the tiniest of the 3 brand-new text sizes.) Even if you don’t utilize the brand-new XL text, the larger screen will force you to utilize a larger text size, and the mix of the 2 makes examining alerts and text quicker, simpler, and less obvious.

Likewise, buttons are simpler to tap specifically. This is rather beneficial in the nerve center and calculator, however the majority of plainly in the Series 7’s brand-new QWERTY keyboard function. The Watch keyboard is still too little to be useful, even with swipe typing—I never ever stopped going to my phone to text—however it is possible to swipe or peck out a message with very little mistyping. That has actually never ever been possible on older variations of the watch.

A larger screen enables larger text, that makes for simpler reading. Mike Epstein

In addition to the additional realty, the screen has actually gotten a more basic visual tune-up. The corners of the watch face are now rounded. Using a technique of the eye, the brand-new, thicker front glass over the display screen makes the screen seem curved at the edges. As an outcome, the display screen looks softer and feels more polished. For a minute, I believed the curves may cause much better seeing angles when taking a look at the watch face at an angle, however it’s truly simply a visual enhancement. That stated, having actually gone from Series 6 to the Series 7, then back once again, I definitely choose the brand-new screen, both for its design and compound.

It’s likewise much better for glancing

A secondary addition, the watch face is likewise brighter in its passive, “wrist down” state, that makes it considerably simpler to look down and examine the time and/or your alerts without bringing the watch to your nose. Even with the bigger text, I couldn’t truly check out an alert with the watch at my hip, however that might be my eyes as much as it is the watch.

So…What does the Apple Watch do once again?

Despite the reality that the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t do anything brand-new, per se, it is still an unique item to a great deal of individuals. In an incomes call earlier this year, Apple stated that “nearly 75 percent” of Apple Watch purchasers are getting their very first one. Assuming that figure doesn’t alter quickly, there’s a great chance that you’re weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the Apple Watch in basic, instead of its upgrade capacity.

The Apple Watch is a strangely fantastic little upgrade to the iPhone experience and, to a lower degree, for Mac users. Like nearly all smartwatches, its main draw comes from health and physical fitness functions. The Apple Watch tracks your actions and workout, offering you feedback and trying to stimulate you into a more active way of life. Apple’s likewise included a premium physical fitness service, Apple Fitness+, which uses assisted exercises for lots of kinds of workout. With every entry, Apple includes brand-new health and physical fitness functions. Sometimes, those functions are groundbreaking, like when Apple included the capability to take an electrocardiogram with the Apple Watch Series 4. This year’s brand-new fitness-based enhancements are the tiniest yet. WatchOS 8 makes it possible for a couple of brand-new exercise types and enhanced assistance for bike-based exercises, however that’s about it.

Apple Watch 7 fitness tracker
Even opting for a walk can count as an exercise if you desire it to. Mike Epstein

The Apple Watch, throughout all designs, differs from other smartwatches and physical fitness trackers due to the fact that of all the other things it can do. When you truly boil it down, the watch acts as an extension of your iPhone that enables you to engage with its lots of needs on your time without in fact pulling it out. The Apple Watch Series 7 still lets you do so a number of those fast little things you finish with your phone even quicker. But it doesn’t truly do any brand-new things. The closest, as I discussed, is the QWERTY keyboard, which isn’t efficient sufficient to change taking out your phone.

And yet, in 2021, it is still the most efficient smartwatch for anything besides physical fitness. Yes, the Series 7 still provides e-mails, texts, Slack messages, and other alerts at a glimpse. You can still utilize Siri. (I mostly ask it to set timers). You can still take call. You can still utilize it to open your iPhone or macOS computer system. It still does all these things in a more user-friendly method than other smartwatches, which tend to have complicated user interfaces that are difficult to browse. 

What else is brand-new on Apple Watch 7?

There’s likewise a grab bag of other little upgrades to the Apple Watch’s resilience in the Series 7. The front crystal is now 50-percent thicker and revamped to typically make it more difficult to break than its predecessor. It has actually likewise been ranked IP6X dust-resistant, so it’s less most likely to break if you use it at the beach or in another extremely dirty circumstance.

The Apple Watch 7 now includes a fast-charging cable television that makes it possible for faster charging. According to Apple, it can charge from 0 percent to 80 percent battery in 45 minutes, versus 60 minutes for the Series 6. The much faster charging particularly speaks with users who wish to use the watch to bed instead of charge over night: An eight-minute charge ought to offer sufficient juice for 8 hours of sleep tracking, by Apple’s count. 

Apple Watch 7 QWERTY keyboard
Apple Watch Series 7 includes a QWERTY keyboard for reacting to messages. Mike Epstein

Obviously, these are really particular optimizations: In practice, I discovered that charging from 13 percent to 80 percent took about 35 minutes, in line with Apple’s forecasts, however getting to 100 percent took simply over an hour, which isn’t as significant a dive. Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that faster charging just uses if you utilize the brand-new cable television that includes the watch. People who utilize third-party battery chargers won’t see a distinction.

The Series 7 includes the exact same 18-hour battery life as the last number of designs. On a complete charge, the watch tends to last through simply under 2 days of typical usage, so you will require to discover a time to charge it throughout the day if you utilize the expect sleep tracking.

The watchOS 8 distinction

In addition to the modifications to the Apple Watch Series 7 hardware, Apple has actually launched a large selection of modifications to the Apple Watch through the most recent variation of its os, watchOS 8. While a number of these modifications were made with the Series 7’s brand-new screen in mind, consisting of ones we’ve currently talked about like the QWERTY keyboards and bigger text choices, a number of them aren’t in fact unique to the brand-new watch.

There are a handful of brand-new watch deals with created to benefit from the bigger screen, consisting of 2 made solely for the Apple Watch Series 7. The initially is Contour, a timeless watch face that uses huge numbers that hug the edge of the screen and grow to highlight the existing time. The 2nd face, Modular Duo, lets you put 2 tracking functions, such as your physical fitness objectives, heart rate, or a world clock, on the watch face for simple gain access to. There are likewise some faces that work much better on an Apple Watch 7, however aren’t unique, like the really hectic World Clock watch face that lets you see the time in 24 time zones at the same time.

Apple Watch 7 watch face
Contour is among 2 unique watch deals with for the Apple Watch Series 7. Mike Epstein

The house and image library apps have actually gotten visual overhauls that make them simpler to check out. The stress-release-focused “breathe” function is now a full-blown app called “mindfulness,” which broadens on the idea with more in-depth guidelines and a visualizer. There are brand-new trackable exercise types, Tai Chi and Pilates. The Apple Watch can now likewise find and instantly begin a bike-based exercise.

These are simply a couple of highlights. There are great deals of little modifications sprayed throughout watchOS 8 that alter every suitable variation of the Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 3 and up). For one of the most part, those modifications appear to be useful enhancements, however typically in little manner ins which wouldn’t impact whether you’d have an interest in purchasing one.

Sizes and colors

One more thing. We need to speak about all the various variations of the Apple Watch Series 7 you can purchase due to the fact that there are a lot more of them than there utilized to be.

First of all, as constantly, the Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 2 sizes—41mm and 45mm. Both sizes get comparable upgrades in screen size relative to their 40mm and 44mm predecessors, however considering that “bigger is better” is this year’s style, I’d highly advise the bigger variation if your wrist can accommodate it. The 41mm design begins at $399.99, and the 45mm design begins at $429.99.

Apple Watch 7 case
Midnight is among the brand-new case colors for the Apple Watch Series 7. Mike Epstein

Also returning is the choice to purchase a more pricey variation with cellular assistance, permitting the watch to stay completely practical even when not linked to the exact same house network as your iPhone. The cellular 41mm design begins at $499, and the 45mm cellular design begins at $529.99.

Here’s where things get intriguing. The Series 7 watch body is available in 5 brand-new colors for the basic aluminum case: Midnight (imagined), an off-white called Starlight, blue, green, and Apple’s typical Project(Red). Apple has actually likewise restored the considerably more pricey gold, graphite, and black stainless-steel designs, along with the titanium body.

There’s likewise a vast array of brand-new bands in various colors. That stated, the Apple Watch Series 7 utilizes the exact same clasp system as previous Apple Watches, so all older bands will deal with the brand-new watch and it’s really simple to switch amongst several bands if you wish to alter them out for various use-cases or clothing.

Who should purchase the Apple Watch 7?

Apple Watch 7 world clock watch face
“World Clock” is an older watch face that works much better on the bigger Series 7 screen. Mike Epstein

To my mind, the Apple Watch is still a unique item. Its mix of physical fitness and way of life functions make it the very best general gadget to have on your wrist, presuming you utilize an iPhone. Yes, the Series 7 is a relatively small variation on the style however, like the Apple Watch itself, that variation is a deserving high-end in combination with the upgrades of the previous couple designs.

As of the Apple Watch’s release on Oct. 15, 2021, Apple will offer the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 7. If you’re interested in the Apple Watch, I would advise most users purchase the Series 7, both for its exceptional feature-set and to make sure that Apple continues to support your brand-new phone. (The Apple Watch Series 3 is the earliest design suitable with watchOS 8.)

That stated, if you can get a brand-new or reconditioned Apple Watch Series 6 from a merchant at a decreased rate, you’ll get 90 percent of the Apple Watch 7 experience. While the screen is engaging once you attempt it, the Apple Watch doesn’t always call for regular upgrades, even for technophiles. Moreover, this specific design doesn’t have a brand-new function that would call for eliminating the one you have. And, clearly, I wouldn’t advise anybody with an Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 6 upgrade this year.

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