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  1. As I say in every repost of this…. this is not oil. This is animal fat. Unsaturated fat does not solidify like that at cooler temperatures. It’s most likely pork fat which is easy to solidify but even beef and chicken fat would not behave quite the same. A much more appropriate form of this from a culinary standpoint would be to just ladle it off the top, which would be faster, more efficient, and wouldn’t introduce excess water.

  2. Also, don’t have the oil over 100°c when you dunk ice in it, or it can flash boil the water into a steam explosion.

    Exploding hot oil over an open flame is no fun for a hot pot party.

  3. The idea to remove fat is great, but you remove Vitamin A. ( Retinoide. ),Vitamin D. ( Calciferol. ), Vitamin E. ( Tocopherol. ) and
    Vitamin K. ( Phyllochinon. ) as well, because they are fat-soluble vitamins. Removing fat another way will cause the same problem.
    So give some thoughts to vitamins in before removing more than you initially wanted to.

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