Detector advance could lead to cheaper, easier medical scans

New ultrafast photon detectors enable fast processing of information from positron emission or X-ray scans without the requirement for tomography to rebuild images. This image reveals a brain phantom... Read more »

Were any ‘witches’ burned at Salem?

Between 1692 and 1693, allegations of witchcraft were made around the town of Salem in Massachusetts, resulting in the  arrests of about 150 individuals. These charges were taken seriously,... Read more »

And we go on and on and on…

And we go on and on and on… Read more »

Colored Flame Shooter

Colored Flame Shooter Read more »

An update on the Merck COVID-19 pill for the US

As the US enters its 2nd Halloween in a pandemic, COVID-19 is rising once again in other parts of the world. But possible treatments continue to appear, and authorities... Read more »

Facebook’s high-stakes bet to save itself

Facebook’s brand-new name is not simply an effort to rebrand the scandal-plagued platform. Facebook’s name modification provides a practical diversion as scandal pesters the platform, however the brand-new manage... Read more »

Funding agency’s reviewers were biased against scientists with novel ideas | Science

“In science … novelty emerges only with difficulty, manifested by resistance.” So composed Thomas Kuhn in his landmark The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Some research studies have actually supported... Read more »

Pressure change during diving

Pressure change during diving Read more »

One of the most difficult to observe from the earth – the Zodiacal Light.

One of the most difficult to observe from the earth – the Zodiacal Light. Read more »

Girthy ‘penis plant’ blooms for the first time, sparking excitement at Dutch garden

A plant that stands taller than a grown human, reeks of breaking down flesh and looks slightly phallic just recently flowered in the Netherlands’ earliest botanical garden, to the... Read more »