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  1. But the bubbles don’t freeze… methane can’t condense under normal pressure on Earth. So really the water in the lake is just freezing and trapping the pockets of methane gas, right?

  2. Soo, if you poke a small hole in one and light it on fire, will the lake blow up?

    Edit: No, I am not a pyromaniac, and no, I do not actually plan on doing something like this.

  3. Abraham lake is actually an artificial lake created as the reservoir of the Bighorn dam. Beautiful in both summer and winter.

  4. Lake farts! But seriously I’ve been there before and pictures and videos don’t do this place any justice, it’s truly breathtaking how beautiful the lake and surrounding area is.

  5. Is it really nature if the lake is artificial? And is the release of methane into the atmosphere really something that something we should celebrate? Of course, trust Alberta to put a positive spin on ruining the environment.

  6. Anyone who lives in or near Minneapolis, MN, Cedar Ave crosses over Lake Nokomis so that every winter when the lake freezes the part under the bridge is left uncovered by snow.

    Each of the past several winters I’ve taken my daughter on a walk onto the lake and gone under the bridge and we look at similar frozen bubbles and deep cracks that extended the full thickness of the ice.

    Having Cedar Ave go over the lake instead of around is widely accepted as an architectural disaster, however this particular phenomena is one benefit.

  7. I’m just imagining something below dead, frozen with a look for horror on its face as it screamed and drowned.

    Unknown to it how pretty it would look from the top. All of us admiring the beauty of some creatures painful final moments.

  8. I love how anything from Canada posted by an American is typically titled “Name-of-landmark, CANADA”.

    It’s like posting a pic of the grand canyon and calling it “Grand Canyon, USA”. Really narrows it down.

  9. Honestly, I don’t know what to do anymore.

    Desperately need your help.

    I want my results to be authentic. A true representation of the population of Pakistan. But that won’t be possible if I don’t reach the required number of responses that I need.

    I was so excited to start my thesis. But now each day that excitement dwindles.

    I am aware that no one liked filling surveys. However, to me, this isn’t just a measly survey. This is my chance to show everyone what I am capable of. Especially my family members that did not support my decision to continue my studies.

    Please help me out.


  10. I hate these bubbles bc someone set a picture of them as one of my laptops automatic backgrounds and I thought the computer was broken

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