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  1. is it because the viscosity is so high that random / turbulence effects, which would normally prohibit this, are negligible?

  2. This is because of extremely low Reynold’s number i.e Laminar Flow. When set to solve the Navier Stokes equation for such a flow, you will find that the solution is completely predictable. Since the viscosity of glycerine is high, there is also minimal diffusion of the dye..

  3. This is similar to the GI Taylor experiment.

    Unfortunately he doesn’t move his finger to the other slide of the arm, so it almost looks like it’s reversed.

  4. Neat, flame however continues down the rotation on all occasions one direction at all points in position and doesn’t actually reconfigure from that direction but the continued spin in one direction of desired actually as its definition in one singular, water is not fire it does not have compatibility with it, at any point.

    You might try spinning it both ways kevin.

    I just have to go around one way and its male.

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