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  1. Dunno what glue they use in these videos but it never works for me unless I resort to superglue.

    Oh, the hilarity that ensues when I can’t detach badly cut and folder paper monstrosities from my fingers…

  2. A hexaflexagon is the same idea, but a bit easier to construct. It’s also more mind blowing imo because it looks like a 2d object, but it has 3 sides.

  3. that animation while they are coloring in the triangles sections in the beginning seems weird. i don’t understand it. are they coloring it in separately but then when they show the crayon it’s just for show? or is there some delay my eyeballs can’t detect like those guitar string iphone videos?

    and when they were folding, it looked like they were already pre-creased (i imagine they must have used a ruler to get accurate folds).

    very cool though. i wish i had patience for these kinds of arts and crafts…

  4. I tried making this for the Cricut but couldn’t get the angles right. Any mathematicians out there want to let me know the respective interior angles. I’d give it another try. I had it sit to cut and score. Patterns could be added as cut and glued panels.

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