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  1. For some reason, when I read pipe cleaner I thought they meant the craft supplies. I was very confused why they were stirring with two different things and why that would change the color. Man, it’s been a long week..

  2. You get much darker indicator colours if you boiled chopped red cabbage in water. Great children’s science experiment. And as vinegar and bicarb are the easiest base/acids to test it always ends in the volcano experiment… but now with colours

  3. Yes!! I did it with my middle-school students to explain pH and how it affects life. Turned into a nice lesson about plant pigments!

  4. Maybe this is why the colorblind shouldn’t do science. Because those two are pretty close to the same. Source I’m colorblind

  5. Completely unrelated, where do you find the green and clear glass cup like the one on the left in the vid??

  6. Just did this the other day, it’s surprising how effective it is and how nice the colour gradient is. Would be a great indicator for common use if it didn’t smell absolutely abhorrent.

  7. Man, I follow a lot of cocktail subs. I was really interested in making something like this till “pipe cleaner” clicked.

  8. I hate cabbage specifically related to this reaction. Small Texas town so the Pre-Ap and Ap chemistry classes shared a room/timeslot. The Pre-Ap was at the desks doing class work, Ap was all labs and reports. Pre-Ap were learning about acid, bases, and indicators and the instructor decided that Ap would grind cabbage in a mortar and pedestal so they could see the reaction. For two days we ground cabbage down for its juice. To this day the mere mention of cabbage and I’m out. The smell is what did it though. I’ll never forget that damn smell.

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