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  1. They are on a decline and this position is way more aerodynamic than the seated position, which allows him to go faster.

  2. That’s a fixed-gear bike, so even though he’s on a pretty steep downhill, he’s still having to pedal at full speed to keep going. By unhooking, he can just coast. And while he’s doing that anyway, getting into a more aerodynamic profile is clearly better than just frog-legging it out while he coasts down.

    Note: I have NO idea how he clipped back in.

  3. Most of the answers here are wrong, based on what bike people said last time this was posted. It’s a race using fixed gear bikes, meaning the wheels turn as fast as the pedals turn. Meaning if you’re going downhill, your feet turning the pedals (not necessarily applying force, just doing the actual motion) is the limiting factor. It’s not done much because you then have to get your feet back on the pedals (which are now spinning super fast) to stop.

    The aerodynamics might help a bit, but not much.

  4. what do you mean what’s happening here, he’s going downhill + his position is allowing him to move faster

  5. Sincere question: how does he reengage the pedals at the bottom of the hill? Those pedals are whipping so fast. Does he relinquish ground gained waiting for the pedals to slow down?

  6. This has a very minor effect, but he’s also on a brakeless fixed gear bike and the others have a bunch of gears and brakes.

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