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  1. This is a fun experiment 🙂

    I did this with students, giving them the option to use a lighter, an orange, and paper tissue to pop a filled water balloon…

    With me sitting under it.

    Of course they chose the lighter. But the water dissipates the heat, leaving the balloon intact.

    As it was summer, I told them the solution and let them use the orange peel 🙂

  2. So I can pop kids balloons without anyone realizing it’s me spraying orange juice at balloons

  3. I have a balloon phobia. I can handle balloons if no one is touching them and they’re not near anything that could pop them; I’m nervous as fuck and on high alert, but I’m not covering my ears waiting for it to pop. If someone wanted to truly torture me, this would be it. Get a bunch of balloons in a room, let me think it’s safe because no one is touching them and they’re not near any hot lights or anything sharp….and then squirt a bit of this on them.

    I might die from a heart attack but on the plus side that would be an amusing as hell murder charge court case. They’d probably do well in prison, though, just retelling the story of how they murdered me. Hilarious and yet a bit unnerving at the same time. Don’t fuck with the Phobia Killer.

  4. This stuff is so cool. Next time you happen to have a lighter and an orange peel light the lighter and spray juice from the peel across the flame. Pretty exciting

  5. When I worked as a merchandiser and had to scrape adhesive residue off the beams from price stickers, we used Pure Citrus air freshener to remove it. It was the best product by far for removing that sticky stuff.

  6. This is pretty cool. I’ve seen this in a hair hack video as well, but it was using lemon oil to pop open those tiny clear hair elastics to avoid the usual hair massacre when you try to take them out. Worked a treat.

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