Purified water is able to be cooled below its freezing point but will immediately freeze when agitated.

Purified water is able to be cooled below its freezing point but will immediately freeze when upset.

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  1. The phenomenon is called “super cooling”. Also, the stirring action is called a nucleation event that triggers the freeze. The freezing would’ve increased the temperature of the water to 0 C since it is an exothermic reaction. [Link to veritasium for a better explanation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph8xusY3GTM)

  2. This explains why last year I went to take a bottle of water out of my freezer and I was like, “Why is this not frozen” and then pulled it out and it turned to ice in like 2 seconds.

  3. Look up superheating, a much more terrifying version of this same thing, but instantly boiling instead of instantly freezing.

  4. It’s like leaving a bottle of water in your car in New England.

    Climb in, go to take a swig and it freezes before it can come out

  5. I have to do this all the time to my otter pops in the freezer. They can be in there for two days and nothing happens but you smack them around a little and you can immediately watch the ice crystals travel all the way up the tube

  6. This happened to me while i was taking a sip of water when i was high, i was horribly confused

  7. I assume when you say purified water you mean pure h2o (no minerals & stuff). I’ve done this with coca cola too.. how does that make sense? im confused now

  8. I once did something similar for fun/an art project. I used sodium acetate. The common name is called “Hot Ice”, and when it is agitated it freezes and gets warm to the touch.

  9. Ok, but it looks like it is on a counter top, how did it get that cold there without being agitated?

  10. This is supposedly how that herd of horses all got instantly trapped in a river in Russia.

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