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  1. Crows are smart though and will find a way to game the system. Drop on a stone or stick for a treat. Wonder if they’ll get cancer though

  2. First time I heard about this was like 16 years ago, I’m starting to think it’s not gonna happen.

  3. While the idea is genius, the fact we as humans have to even entertain the idea of training animals to pick up the crap we have littered the world with is beyond shocking and a true view of the sad state of things

  4. This will encourage people to throw their cigarette buts near crows so they can watch them do a trick.

    Also… People still smoke cigarettes?

  5. Or people could just dispose of them correctly. What a low bar that most smokers can’t even make

  6. It’s crazy that it’s easier to train crows to pick up the butts than it is to train humans to dispose of their own trash.

  7. There was a guy on Ted Talks that built one of these. He trained the local crows to find spare change for peanuts.

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