A new twist on pasta dough could reshape food manufacturing | Science

Mighty changing power … pastas? They may not be as action-packed as Power Rangers, however a new kind of programmable dough could make packing pasta a whole lot easier, according to a new research study in Science Advances.

Bulky pastas—such as farfalle and fusilli—need more product packaging than thinner ranges like angel hair, making them more difficult to transfer and causing more waste. Scientists took on the issue by creating flat pastas that can change into 3D shapes. They scored flat dough made from semolina flour—a core component of Italian food—with grooves, whose depth and spacing figured out how the pasta would form when boiled. Then, they fed their information into computer system designs, which could ultimately automate the strategy and make it simpler for food makers to produce and provide a packed menu of changing pastas.

The scientists caught their flexible cooking developments and tasty outcomes on cam. Just don’t take a look at them on an empty stomach.

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