Mammals can breathe through their intestines | Science

Mammals can take in oxygen through their intestines. SCIEPRO/Science Source On an excellent day, things exit through the rectum. But in rodents and pigs in breathing distress, oxygen can... Read more »

After a Chinese zoo covered up a leopard escape, 100 chickens are searching for the big cat

Chinese authorities are searching for a left leopard in the borders of Hangzhou, in eastern China, over 3 weeks after it left from a safari park. Hunters have actually... Read more »

How is it able to rise like that?

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Oxidation at its best

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Why we shouldn’t see the sun directly with telescope

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Screening for ovarian cancer did not reduce early deaths — LiveScience.Tech

A large-scale randomised trial of annual screening for ovarian cancer, led by UCL researchers, did not succeed in reducing deaths from the disease, despite one of the screening methods... Read more »

Why does bitcoin consume ‘insane’ energy?

Tesla manager Elon Musk’s uncertainty of bitcoin comes in the middle of installing issue over its energy extensive mining procedure Cryptocurrency fans have actually counted Tesla manager Elon Musk... Read more »

BT vows to give 5m more homes fast broadband

The telecoms huge states its brand-new full-fibre financial investment method might develop up to 7,000 tasks. Read more »

Padlock vs Fire [20 Seconds]

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Alternatives to cat declawing | Popular Science

This post has actually been upgraded. It was initially released on May 23, 2017. Declawing a cat might seem like a reasonably benign treatment, like getting your nails cut.... Read more »