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  1. I remember watching this at the time.

    Hadfield was doing all sorts of experiments that school kids had suggested, and this was part of a live demo for a (Canadian?) school.

    When he squeezed and the water just hugged the cloth, there was an incredible noise from the kids.

  2. Seems like there’s an awful lot of important looking electrical stuff to be performing that experiment in that room. But then again I’m no rocket scientist.

  3. truly amazing. I have to say though, those little droplets just spiraling off into no where kind of concern me lol

  4. Does he even need to collect every single loose droplet so that it doesn’t get any of the electronics, I wonder?

  5. I first saw this video referenced in a discussion on why nobody has probably had sex in space. Definitely a case of the picture is worth 1000 words.

  6. That seems smart, what with all the sensitive electrical equipment about. Note that I am thinking of the Apollo 13 re-entry scene, a movie, and that was technology from the 70’s, but I’m pretty sure they were worried in real life about the moisture shorting out the electrics upon re-entry.

    Looked cool tho

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