Flies, butterfly numbers explode in WA’s Goldfields after rain and warm weather

Belgian traveler Lieven Geerink did not anticipate to be using a headscarf throughout his current journey to the Goldfields.

But his face is hardly noticeable in much of his vacation images, as he invested much of the journey with a headscarf twisted around his head to secure it from the substantial swarms of flies and butterflies that just recently came down on Kalgoorlie, Leonora and Leinster.

He even cancelled his outdoor camping strategies and remained in a hotel to prevent them.

“We were going to spend the day at Lake Ballard, but between the heat and the flies, it was tough to bare it,” he stated.

Kim Eckert, from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group, stated the warmer weather has actually developed the best breeding chance for flies.

The CSIRO has actually likewise kept in mind there is likewise a complicated interaction of winter season rains and schedule of food sources which adds to the boost in fly populations.

She stands near plants
Kim Eckert is from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group and states there are some benefits to flies.(

Supplied: Kim Eckert


There are 30,000 various types of flies in Australia.

The CSIRO reported that the bush fly is brought in to particular secretions on the skin which they can feed upon, endure and assistance grow their eggs prior to they are laid.

Ms Eckert stated flies likewise arrive on our faces trying to find a source of water in our eyes, mucous and saliva.

But she stated the bugs likewise had their benefits and pollinated numerous plant types, consisting of the cacao bean.

Butterfly numbers boost

Butterflies have actually likewise been seen in big numbers around the Goldfields.

Ms Eckert stated while it is regular for butterflies to come out at this time of year, they had actually not been seen in these numbers for a long period of time.

Although the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group have actually not had the ability to verify what types of butterfly has actually emerged in big numbers just recently, their research study recommends it is the Lesser Wanderer types, understood to take a trip to semi-arid parts of Australian after durations of bigger than regular rains.

To prevent the swarms of flies and butterflies, Ms Eckert recommended compromising style dedications by using a fly web.

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