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  1. Nice! What causes the ice-free zone on the penny that’s closest to the dry ice? Is it just the higher local CO2 concentration in the air causing a depletion zone?

  2. A couple of times, my parents would buy meat from across the country so it would be shipped with big blocks of dry ice in the containers and I used to do this with pennies. Another fun experiment is to press a fork against the dry ice. The friction and quick evaporation made some funny sounds on the limited surface area of the fork’s prongs.

  3. I’d love to see a comparison with a penny minted after 1982 – different metal compositions compared would be fun to see side by side

  4. But… this isn’t a chemical reaction gif. A change in state of matter is just a physical change not a chemical one.

  5. And the reverse, from solid state directly to gaseous state, is called ‘sublimation’, if I’m not mistaken.

  6. Its cool to watch this happen on the wings of an aircraft in icing conditions. Well as long as you have anti-ice equipment to knock it off. If not, its concerning/terrifying.

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