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  1. So hypothetically if a super villain created a giant nuclear powered super magnet, they could threaten to shut down every electronic on the earth AND suck up all the oxygen? Effectively bringing all those fools to their knees in surrender?

    Excellent, most excellent…

  2. The easiest way to accidentally generate liquid oxygen is to have a leak in your schlenk line’s LN2 trap.

    It’s also terrifying because the hydrocarbon residue usually left in schlenk traps goes from flammable to explosive in the presence of liquid oxygen.

  3. So I’m in Physical Chemistry class and my professor shows this same clip. He starts talking about how diamagnetism can be used to determine oxygen levels in the atmosphere, like for example on a submarine. This was a bit into the quarter so he already knew some of the students. He points to me and says “Weren’t you in submarines? What did you do down there?” To which I replied “Mostly I just curled into a ball and cried in bed.”

  4. Do you struggle from sleep apnea? Constantly waking up at night trying to breathe? Just eat some magnets. Magnets attract oxygen. Oxygen helps you breathe.

    If that still doesn’t work, try putting magnets up your nose. You will immediately notice the difference.

    I am a doctor trust me.

  5. Am I the only one who finds it mildly infuriating that over half this subreddit is physical reactions?

  6. This is one of the reasons why molecular orbital theory exists alongside Valence Shell Electron Repulsion theory.

  7. I mean besides gravity, is this another reason why oxygen is so close to the surface of the earth because of its magnetic field?

  8. I understand that it is diamagnetic but to play devils advocate, whats to say that this isn’t some sort of surface tension effect that occurs in the liquid phase, or something that is a feature of phase? I know the real explanation, but the shape it forms might look to some similar to a meniscus.

  9. I still wonder if you breath or drink liquid oxygen. And whatever the answer, would you get oxygen poisoning?

  10. So if I crush up a bunch of magnets and inhale their dust, my lungs will have all the oxygen they would need! Why didn’t Armstrong do THAT instead of taking stupid steroids? What a fool. BRB inhaling magnet dust to become the next Armstrong.

  11. So, if I swallowed a large magnet, would i get more oxygen in my body, thus allowing me to perform better physically?

  12. >This is because oxygen has multiple lone pairs of electrons that create minute magnetic fields as they move around the atoms.


    >lone pairs




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