Mars rocks could sustain life with underground water

Living microorganisms could be hanging out underneath the Martian surface area, according to a brand-new research study of Mars rocks from Brown University. The research study reveals that Mars... Read more »

Kuiper Belt fly-through (simulation) [1920 x 1080] [OC] [OS]

Kuiper Belt fly-through (simulation) [1920 x 1080] [OC] [OS] Read more »

Biden’s nominee for science chief issues apology, defends character at confirmation hearing | Science

Eric Lander, President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the White House’s science workplace, said sorry today to a U.S. Senate panel for “understating” the contributions of 2 female researchers... Read more »

Mystery of extinct horned crocodile solved after 150 years

After practically 150 years of debate, researchers have lastly solved the category mystery surrounding the extinct horned crocodile and identified precisely where this puzzling croc belongs on the tree... Read more »

Crying Gasoline!

Crying Gasoline! Read more »

Wringing Out A Wet Towel In SPACE

Wringing Out A Wet Towel In SPACE Read more »

Synthesis of a new cannibinoid!

Synthesis of a new cannibinoid! Read more »

Study finds people of color more likely to participate in cancer clinical trials

People of color, those with a greater earnings and more youthful people are more likely to participate in clinical trials throughout their cancer treatment according to a brand-new study... Read more »

New algorithm makes it easier for computers to solve decision making problems

Computation expense of multiagent problems can be considerably decreased utilizing an agent-by-agent PI method. Credit: IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica Computer researchers typically experience problems appropriate to real-life circumstances.... Read more »

Self-driving cars to be allowed on UK roads this year

The federal government formerly stated it hoped to legalise hands-free driving by spring 2021. Read more »