The best food for survival

Is your head continuously spinning with extravagant, mind-burning concerns? If you’ve ever questioned what deep space is made from, what would occur if you fell under a black hole, or perhaps why not everybody can touch their toes, then you must make certain to listen and sign up for Ask Us Anything, a brand name brand-new podcast from the editors of Popular Science. Ask Us Anything hits Apple, Anchor, Spotify, and all over else you listen to podcasts every Tuesday and Thursday. Each episode takes a deep dive into a single inquiry we understand you’ll wish to stay for.

This week, we examined whether you can endure by consuming a single kind of food. While we wouldn’t suggest this as part of a healthy diet plan—and why would you when there are a lot of tasty foods out there—we made certain to address the concern properly and clinically. While you’ll need to listen to the whole episode for appropriate context, I will state that it’s difficult and it would take a great deal of that single food product. We’re talking lots and lots of potatoes. 

The primary factor this would be so difficult is that there are numerous micronutrients, consisting of numerous minerals and vitamins, that we require to endure. All foods have more of some and less of others, so depending on simply one type of nourishment for all our dietary requirements is truly tough. There’s a factor that the U.S. dietary standards suggest consuming a range of fruits, veggies, grains, meats, and cheeses.

Perhaps taking a deep dive into one food product is the simplest method to reveal that a diverse diet plan is truly the best thing you can do for your body. So if you would like to know the number of potatoes you’d require to consume to endure, make certain to tune in to today’s episode of Ask Us Anything. Tune in here, and check out the post that influenced this episode here.

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