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  1. r/forbiddensnacks
    I want it to taste like a lime version of Sunny D, but I’m sure it’d melt my throat somehow

  2. florecien reacting with water creating an Exothermic reaction under a UV light?

    Is this speeded up or is there another liquid that produces a stronger exothermic reaction than water or would adding florecien to warmer water speed up the flow?

  3. It’s not thermochromism. The color is different due to different concentrations of the dye. You can see solid dye being added at the top. The more concentrated dye emits a longer wavelength (orange) than the dilute dye (green). This can happen because the dye molecules aggregate at high concentrations.

  4. Make me think of the “last drink” we take when we are already drunk but you do not know when to stop.

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