A simulation that shows how lenses diffract light

A simulation that shows how lenses diffract light

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  1. Clip extracted from a [video I made](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4J4PV6tqH0), in which I explain the topic further with more simulations.

    Diffraction is the physical phenomenon that limits the highest resolution obtainable with any optical system like in a microscope and this limit with a single lens can be estimated with the formula shown at the end of the clip:

    d = λ *zi / r


    λ = wavelength of the light

    zi = distance from the lens to the image

    r = radius of the lens pupil

    The lens pupil acts as a low pass filter, removing any spatial frequency of the image higher than r / (λ *zi )

    While I used it with coherent light, it can be generalized to incoherent light by multiplying by 1/2, and it’s called **Abbe diffraction limit**.

    To make the simulation reproducible, I also uploaded the source code [on GitHub](https://github.com/rafael-fuente/Diffraction-Simulations–Angular-Spectrum-Method/blob/main/Simulations%20with%20lenses.md). (optical_imaging_system.py)

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