Russian military satellite launch spawns space-junk fireball over Australia (video)

EPIC!! Check out this extraordinary vision caught by Mel Aldridge recently at Cashmore near Portland! We’re getting a lot of reports. @abcmelbourne 22, 2020 Russia released a military... Read more »

Solving the space junk problem

IMAGE: A computer-generated image representing space particles as might be seen from high Earth orbit. The 2 primary particles fields are the ring of things in geosynchronous Earth orbit and... Read more »

What Is Beautiful? – A Scientific Look

The response to the “What is beautiful?” concern has actually altered a lot of times throughout the years. What was when thought about stunning might no longer be what... Read more »

Biden wants Amazon to ‘start paying their taxes’

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Former Vice President Joe Biden has actually restored his criticism of e-commerce giant Amazon, as soon as again turning the business into a political football... Read more »

Court rules ‘Dueling Dinos’ belong to landowners, in a win for science | Science

A court judgment clarified ownership of the “Dueling Dinosaurs.” Part of the specimen is revealed here at auction.  AP Photo/Seth Wenig A legal legend that threatened to overthrow fossil... Read more »

Scientists solve half-century-old magnesium dimer mystery

This chart reveals the group’s extremely precise ab initio computations in red, dotted lines relative to the speculative LIF spectrum of Mg2, marked in black. Credit: Piecuch Lab Magnesium... Read more »

Coronavirus: Could these social distancing hacks make it to market?

People around the globe are creating their own gizmos and styles to adhere to social distancing. Read more »

Why local food matters — especially during a pandemic

News on environment in the time of coronavirus Subscribe today Hey there, A couple of years earlier, our local land trust scraped together the cash to purchase 12 acres... Read more »

Conservation of momentum

Conservation of momentum Read more »

Blood + magnesium fluoride = black magic

Blood + magnesium fluoride = black magic Read more »