Getting started with Raspberry Pi

It may not look like much, however there’s a great quantity of power because little green board. (Jeremy S. Cook/) Approximately the size of a charge card, the Raspberry... Read more »

Why Naomi Klein thinks now is the moment for climate action

Get your everyday dosage of great news from Livescience.Tech Register For The Beacon There have actually been a couple of minutes in history when it appeared like the United... Read more »

Sand demonstrates standing wave patterns.

Sand demonstrates standing wave patterns. Read more »

95% Alcohol shaken in a bottle

95% Alcohol shaken in a bottle Read more »

Phagocytosis Animation

Phagocytosis Animation Read more »

Realizing a giant magnetic field by moiré pattern engineering

(a) Schematic of a homobilayer moiré pattern, and regular magnetic flux (green arrows) from the genuine-space Berry stage. The rushed rhombus represents a supercell. (b) Upper panel: regional atomic... Read more »

Does being a ‘superwoman’ protect African American women’s health?

Berkeley — The stereotype of the “strong black woman” is more than simply a cultural trope: Numerous black ladies in America report sensation pressured to imitate superwomen, predicting themselves... Read more »

Photovoltaic-Powered Sensors for the “Internet of Things”

MIT scientists have actually created affordable, photovoltaic-powered sensors on RFID tags that operate in sunshine and dimmer indoor lighting, and can transfer information for years prior to requiring replacement.... Read more »