UCLA and Theseus AI Announce License Agreement for Technology That Interprets Spine MRIs

Dr. Luke Macyszyn (standing), Bilwaj Gaonkar and UCLA associates produced the software application suite.

UCLA signed a license agreement with Theseus AI for technology established at UCLA that utilizes expert system to translate MRI scans of clients’ spinal columns.

Established by a group of UCLA scientists, the software application suite is meant to offer health care specialists with information that assists detect and reward pain in the back, and can assist recognize individuals who would be prospects for spine surgical treatment. Theseus AI is a Los Angeles-based start-up that was formed to advertise the technology.

Led by Dr. Luke Macyszyn, a neurosurgeon at the UCLA Spine Center, the group produced an algorithm trained by device finding out to offer unbiased measurements of back stenosis — the constricting of areas within the spine — from MRIs. The algorithm likewise compares the measurements to those of clients of the very same gender and comparable age and height to figure out the degree of the illness. Theseus will incorporate the algorithm into photo archiving, interaction systems and electronic health records to offer radiologists, cosmetic surgeons and medical care doctors with precise and constant recognition and measurement of essential functions of the spine.

“Providing clinicians with more objective data to support their decision-making will ultimately lead to better identification of candidates for surgical treatments and better outcomes,” Macyszyn stated.

Macyszyn teamed up on the research study with Bilwaj Gaonkar, a UCLA postdoctoral scientist in bioengineering. Their work, which was moneyed in part by the UCLA Development Fund and the National Institutes of Health, has actually caused documents in in a number of publications, consisting of the RSNA journal Radiology: Expert system.

The agreement with Theseus AI was helped with by the UCLA Technology Advancement Group, which handles UCLA’s copyright portfolio and the Development Fund. Theseus AI develops software application to enhance the recognition, consistency and precision of physiological measurements, to provide precise and constant information to clinicians.

“The agreement with Theseus AI further validates our model of leveraging internal funding to bridge the gap between academia and external interest,” stated Thomas Lipkin, the Technology Advancement Group’s director of the Development Fund and brand-new endeavors. “This was one of several projects from the UCLA Innovation Fund that we believe can be successfully commercialized to advance medical care.”

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