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Yellow is normally the color of happy, cheerful feelings. However according to a brand-new research study, not all people associate the sunshiney shade with excellent vibes.

To learn what aspects might contribute, scientists checked a brand-new hypothesis: What if people’s physical environments impact their sensations about specific colors? For example, if somebody resided in cold and rainy Finland, would they feel in a different way about the color yellow from somebody who lived near the Sahara Desert?

The scientists took a look at color-feeling information from an ongoing international survey of 6625 people in 55 nations. The study asks individuals to rate 12 colors on how carefully they are related to sensations consisting of pleasure, pride, worry, and pity.

Yellow is not so enjoyable in the sun

The darker the shade in the listed below map, the greater the possibility of people associating the color yellow with cheerful feelings. In general, people were most likely to partner yellow with pleasure when they resided in rainier nations that lay further from the equator, scientists report in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

80–9070–8060–7050–6040–5030–4020–3010–200–10No informationProbability of yellow-pleasure association (%)

A. Cuadra/Science

The group looked just at the information for yellow, and evaluated how various aspects—consisting of hours of sunlight, hours of daytime, and quantity of rains—associated the feelings people reported for the color. The 2 finest predictors of how people felt about yellow were the annual amount of rainfall, and how far they lived from the equator, the group reports this month in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

The further somebody lived from the equator, the most likely they were to value some intense shades: In Egypt, the possibility of yellow being related to pleasure was simply 5.7%, whereas in cold Finland it was 87.7%. In the United States, with its moderate environment and amber waves of grain, people’s yellow-pleasure association levels were in between 60% and 70%.

The group likewise examined whether associations altered with the season—whether, for instance, people in a specific nation liked yellow more in the winter season than they carried out in the summertime. The scientists discovered that viewpoints about color stayed relatively continuous year-round—even when the weather condition altered, the information on yellow-pleasure associations were as excellent as gold.

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