What happens when you pour boiling water from a bottle in cold water

What happens when you pour boiling water from a bottle in cold water

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  1. Cooling the hot air/water vapor mixture makes the molecules take up less space, lowering the pressure in the bottle. This will pull anything into the bottle; in this case, the ice water.

    The opposite would be putting hot water in a container along with room temperature air and shaking. It would heat up the air and cause it to expand, making the container possibly explode. Which is why you should leave a little air vent if you want to put hot liquid in a blender.

  2. What confuses me is that there is a slight delay between the time that the tip of the bottle is submerged in the ice bath and the time that the water noticeably starts rushing up into the bottle, but then the water really violently/rapidly rushes into the bottle. Intuitively, I would have expected either that there would be less of a delay (i.e. we’d visibly see water start to enter the bottle sooner) and/or that the water would not so suddenly rush up into the bottle (particularly I would expect this, since the air in the bottle nearer to the ice bath would cool more rapidly than the air/water vapor in the bottle that is farther from the ice bath).

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