DARPA Seeks Novel Urban Swarm Capabilities, Enhancements to Physical Testbeds

Cities present several difficulties for ground systems as they try to browse and browse high structures in the middle of tight areas with restricted sight lines. DARPA’s OFFensive Swarm-Made It Possible For Strategies (OFFSET) program visualizes swarms of collective self-governing systems to offer insights to dismounted soldiers in urban environments. The OFFSET program is looking for propositions for its 5th swarm sprint, concentrated on 2 subjects: functional swarm techniques in assistance of urban objectives and ingenious innovations to model and incorporate into physical swarm system testbeds.

Swarm Sprinters in either subject in the 5th swarm sprint will incorporate their innovations into one or both of the OFFSET swarm systems architectures, and will have the possibility to additional establish and show their ingenious services in appropriate field tests.

OFFSET swarm sprints goal to motivate fast development and constant incorporation of development innovations. Each core sprint highlights among the crucial OFFSET thrust locations. Previous calls have actually looked for submissions on the subjects of swarm techniques, swarm autonomy, human-swarm teaming, and virtual environment.

Examples of prospective brand-new innovations for combination into the swarm system testbeds consist of, however are not restricted to, swarm sensing units, swarm fielding innovations, swarm interactions techniques, modular platforms, and systems for swarm adjustment.

“We’re looking for imaginative proposals for component technologies that, when brought together with our OFFSET physical testbeds, can lead to technological breakthroughs for future swarm capabilities. says Timothy Chung, program manager in DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office (TTO). “The ability to enhance commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) air and ground platforms can lead to new modes of swarm operations and disruptive swarm tactics for warfighters.”

The 5th swarm sprint likewise seeks to increase the collection of swarm techniques discovered in the OFFSET swarm techniques exchange, a repository of tools and techniques sprinters can use. Chosen swarm sprinters will develop and execute extra advanced swarm techniques using a heterogeneous swarm of up to 250 air and ground robots, and attending to the objective context of “seize key urban terrain” within 8 square city obstructs over an objective period of 4-to-6 hours.

In addition to looking for propositions for the 5th swarm sprint, DARPA has actually granted agreements to the following companies to concentrate on either enhancements to the OFFSET virtual environments or applications of expert system (AI) in the 4th swarm sprint:

Thrust Location: Virtual Environment

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics LabMichigan Technological University

Thrust Location: Applications of AI

Carnegie Mellon UniversityCharles River Analytics, Inc.Research Structure for SUNY; University at BuffaloSiemensSoar Technology, Inc.Spatial Integrated Systems

Proposers who would like to send to the 5th swarm sprint can discover complete information on the Federal Company Opportunities site: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/ODA/DARPA/CMO/HR001117S0011-06/listing.html, with instructions to send to this solicitation readily available under Change 6. Propositions are due by 1 p.m. EST November 12, 2019. Please email concerns to [email protected]

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