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  1. And this is why heavy machinery (Specifically -but I’m sure not only- those with rotatory parts) should be lit with at least 2 lights that aren’t in phase with each other.

  2. I have a guitar tuner that does this. It’s a keychain with a strobe light that is the same speed as the frequency of the low e string when it’s in tune. So you shine the light on the string and then turn the tuning key until the string stands still in the light. Very cool.

  3. You can actually do a very similar experiment yourself with a much simpler setup. All you need is a strobe light and a ceiling fan. Adjusting the speed of the strobe will make the ceiling fan appear to move very slow or stand completely still. Pretty cool party trick if you have a strobe laying around.

  4. I’m curious about something: How many of you know what a timing light is? I have many memories of being yelled at for not holding the timing light correctly while my Dad tortured the old Chevy into compliance.

  5. I did the same thing as a kid when the bathroom light burned out and we couldnt replace it right away.

    I had a stobe light. Just plug it in and the lights made the water look frozen in place

  6. This has heavy implications in Fourier analysis (describing a function or a series of measurements as a series of sinusoidal waves) if you are fitting to discrete data points: If you are having less than one data point per period, you will end up with a period that is too large.

    Say, you have a measurement for every other or every third wave top. As a first result, those would be every top, and your period would be one half or one third of t´what it ought to.

  7. The effect is called temporal aliasing. It occurs when the sample rate is less than twice the rate of the thing being observed. You can’t measure the frequency and the apparent frequency changes. It’s the same effect that you see with wheels on television that seem to spin backwards while driving forwards.

    The effect also happens spatially, which can lead to strange patterns on shirts, or brick walls etc.

  8. Man, they should make something like this in a club or something. If I were drunk & saw a string wiggling around in slow motion I’d stare at it for hours

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