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  1. Be careful with dry ice. By doing that you can easily fill a room with co2. Co2 displaces the oxygen and you can suffocate

  2. **NOTE**: Most of the times, when a chemical reaction is performed, a good ventilated room, a lab is required, else the fumes or the gas might fill the room resulting in an accident!

  3. did that on our porch one year on halloween. with a five gallon bucket and about two pounds of dry. it was perfectly still out so when it came pouring out it just rolled across the yard and looked like an old dracula film. the thing that surprised us was how the cats reacted. they freaked. one tore off like a bat out of hell and one just backed up from it with his back arched and tail completely fuzzed out and growled at it. funny as hell.

  4. We used to do this in Gatorade bottles, and then screw the top on it and run. Eventually enough pressure would build up and the bottom would blow out shooting it up like a rocket.

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