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  1. Never have I ever been so bamboozled by any educational material than in this moment, right fucking now. Those aren’t even squares – literally what in the Fiat Chrysler am I looking at. I know for certain this Gif will plague my dreams to the end of my days, and I might just have to off myself tomorrow after seeing this shit. If someone understands this, don’t even attempt to explain. My IQ has plummeted from a 190 straight down to the 30-40 range after simply glimpsing this absolute abomination. I need to know the heathen that created this, bec

    Oh I’ve just realized its the black space you gotta look at, shit’s crazy dog

  2. This would be a lot clearer to the average person if the sides of the triangle were labeled a, b, and c so we could make the connection to the squares more easily.

  3. This is an absolutely horrible “proof” for anything.

    There’s no measurements, there’s no projections, there’s nothing but some rotating geometric

  4. These gifs are bad because you have to already know and understand the proof to know what this gif is getting at. The proof is a neat visual for the big step in one of the proofs, but it isn’t in itself the proof.

  5. Where’s the right triangle with sides a, b, and c?

    Yes, you’ve shown that a^2 + b^2 = c^2 in this case but you haven’t connected a, b, or c to a right triangle at all.

  6. While I love math and I love visuals like this, it isn’t proof. However, it is a cool representation. There’s a million different ways to visualize the theorem. They definitely give you different perspectives and drive different thought processes which I really appreciate.

  7. A better proof is taking squares of paper and adding them using a known set of correct values. For example 3, 4, and 5. With a triangle with these values, 5 being the hypotenuse, you can literally cut out squares of the same size to verify they are the same area. 9 squares plus 16 squares = 25 squares.

  8. I’m fucking retarded at math, but wasn’t the the two sides of a right triangle the equivalent to the third side?

    Guess I could google. But like reddit and their classlessness way of answering shit better.

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