Cea-Leti and Orolia Announce Flexfusion, a Powerful Positioning & Navigation Technology

​Integrating Data from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Inertial Management Units Makes Sure Precision Even Throughout GNSS Interruptions

Leti, a research study institute of CEA Tech, and Orolia, a leader in precision and efficiency for terrestrial, aeronautic and marine transport positioning, navigation & timing applications, today revealed a brand-new sensor-data-fusion engine that makes sure resistant positioning and navigation even in cases of worldwide navigation satellite system (GNSS) jamming or spoofing.

Called FlexFusion, the algorithm technology processes information from GNSS, inertial management systems (IMU) and odometers to offer exact positioning in all conditions.

FlexFusion’s style counts on a modelisation of GNSS and IMU (triple-axis accelerometer, triple-axis gyrometer and triple-axis magnetometer) output for artificial trajectory generation.

The blend method makes use of Bayesian estimators, e.g. Kalman filters. The very first algorithm was setup on modeling signals and its optimization counts on a comprehensive real-life sample database obtained through field test. This procedure utilized CEA-Leti’s HYLOC referral platform, which supplies a referral positioning of a couple of centimeters. More than 100 trajectory samples were gathered in city, rural, forest and mountain environments with various GNSS blackout conditions. 

The brand-new positioning technology supports edge AI since the data-fusion algorithm is carried out in your area to guarantee that positioning and navigation info is offered in your area and is failsafe even in case of jamming or spoofing of GNSS information.

“Recent events have demonstrated that it is possible to change the course of a ship or force a drone to land in a hostile area by simply spoofing GPS signals,” stated CEA-Leti CEO Emmanuel Sabonnadière. “The increasing reliance on a GNSS for the execution of military operations and terrestrial, aeronautic and naval transportation requires using positioning and navigation systems that are able to detect GNSS outages and provide resilient position and navigation features.”

A variation of FlexFusion that requires less of the CPU executes a loose coupling algorithm that utilizes GNSS receiver-output positions as entry of the algorithm. An innovative variation executes a tight coupling blend algorithm of GNSS and IMU information that considerably boosts the strength of positioning and navigation under real-world conditions.

This unique method makes it possible for overall control of treatments and filtering used to raw signals, which increases efficiency of the blend. It likewise enhances positioning efficiency in specific if there are less than 4 GNSS satellites offered, or when there are frequent multi-trajectories, which often happen in city canyons.

CEA-Leti has actually certified the trademarked FlexFusion algorithm to Orolia.

“Orolia is integrating FlexFusion in a new version of its VersaPNT product, the first compact, all-in-one and resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) system for vehicles and blue force tracking, tactical UAV navigation and marine applications,” stated Thierry Delhomme, EMEA General Supervisor, Orolia. “This powerful algorithm helps deliver on the promise of VersaPNT as an always-accurate PNT system that operates in any environment.”

FlexFusion advancement was supported and partly moneyed by the Easytech program of IRT Nanoelec thanks to the French National Program “Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir” ANR-10-AIRT-05″

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