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  1. I was trying to figure out why the guy in black was just standing there, then i realized that its so you can see the flames.

  2. “Don’t try this at home”

    Proceeds to give exact instructions on how to do it at home, down to ideal viewing conditions

  3. My chemistry is a bit rusty, so correct me if I’m wrong, but:
    The aluminum is stripping the chlorine from the copper chloride and the hydrochloric acid to produce aluminium chloride, pure copper (?), and hydrogen gas. It’s the hydrogen gas that’s ignited to produce the brilliant blue flame. But I’m confused because I thought if copper was in the mix, the flame would be green?

  4. >put folded strips in the flask

    Balls it up

    >immediately light

    Doesn’t have lighter handy

    >with a splint

    Uses lighter

  5. I wish there was a bot that posted a mini lesson involving the chemical reactions posted here. Like, show the balancing equation thing (?) and then maybe some links to relevant uses (if any other than oohs and ahhs), terminology, and equipment list, like “this is a conical flask, invented by, used for.. etc”.

  6. Or just order some magic flame from amazon and toss it in your campfire. Same effect, lasts several minutes per packet, and a case of the packets is like $10.

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