Teen Girl Has 3-Pound Hair Ball Removed from Her Stomach


A teen girl in India who privately consumed her own hair wound up having a huge hair ball removed from her stomach, according to report.

The 14-year-old girl went to the physician with signs of stomach discomfort and throwing up, according to Fox News. Remarkably, medical professionals discovered a 3-lb. (1.3 kgs) hair ball wedged in her stomach.

The girl was identified with Rapunzel Syndrome, an incredibly unusual condition in which a hairball in the stomach — recognized clinically as a trichobezoar — extends into the intestinal tract, Live Science formerly reported. Just about 60 cases of Rapunzel Syndrome have actually ever been reported in the medical literature considering that the condition was very first acknowledged in 1968, according to a 2018 paper on the condition released in the journal Pediatric Reports

A lot of cases of Rapunzel Syndrome are identified in kids and young people ages 13 to 20, according to a 2009 research study in the journal Scientific Medication & Research Study.

Individuals with Rapunzel Syndrome usually have a psychological health condition referred to as trichophagia, or the compulsive consuming of hair. This condition is associated with another psychiatric condition referred to as trichotillomania, or the desire to take out one’s hair.

Just about 10% to 30% of individuals with trichotillomania likewise have trichophagia. And amongst individuals with both conditions, just about 1% establish masses of hair in their intestinal system, according to a current paper in the journal Pancreas.

Consuming hair can trigger severe issues, consisting of blockage of the intestinal tracts and even death, according to the Mayo Center. In 2017, a 16-year-old girl in England passed away from Rapunzel Syndrome after a hair ball in her stomach result in a deadly infection.

In the existing case, the girl was treated with surgical treatment and is now in steady condition, Fox News reported.

 Initially released on Live Science.

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